International students to protest against immigration changes

Hundreds of international students are expected to participate in a protest later this week against the ACT government’s recent changes to its migration program because of which they have been confronted with uncertain future in Australia.

Divya*- an international student from India- moved to Canberra from Perth in September last year after completing a masters degree in professional accounting.

Once in Canberra, she enrolled in a Diploma of Business and found herself an accounting job.

The ACT Government, in July 2017, introduced a policy to allow Canberra residents to access state nomination even when their occupation was not marked ‘Open’ on its in-demand occupation list. Applicants seeking to avail this were required to have lived in the ACT for at least 12 months and complete at least a Certificate III level course from a local educational institution before making an application.

This attracted thousands of international students from across Australia who moved to the national capital for a pathway to permanent residency...

Article from SBS AUSTRALIA read more HERE

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